Arielle Dameshghi

Arielle Dameshghi

Software Engineer • Problem-Solver • Lifelong Learner


My name's Arielle -- nice to meet you. After graduating from UMass Amherst in 2017, I decided to play to my strengths as a writer and go into publishing. As is the case with most recent college grads trying to find their way, the first thing they try isn't always the right fit and so eventually when the opportunity presented itself to teach English in Spain, I jumped at the chance. While there, I started teaching myself JavaScript in my spare time and came to realize it was something I was really passionate about. This realization ultimately sparked my decision to move back to the United States to pursue my passion for programming.


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Startup Employee Directory

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This mock employee directory utilizes the Random User Generator API to fetch and display user data in the form of 12 individual employee cards organized in a grid. Clicking a card will display a modal window that includes more detailed employee information.

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Conference Registration Form

A mock conference registration form with dynamic user contact info, t-shirt order, activity registration, and payment sections. Features include real-time form validation, dynamically generated options based on user selection in previous relevant select box, and dynamically disabled registration for activities whose schedules conflict with previously selected activities.

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WebApp Dashboard

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A user interface that utilizes interactive charts by Chart.js to represent site traffic. Includes messaging section with form validation and toggleable settings switches.

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Personal Portfolio

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Built using plain HTML and CSS and designed with a mobile-first approach. This responsive site includes a completely customized and interactive Bootstrap navigation bar as well as customized SVG images.

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